Social Science Research Council: America’s New Evangelicals

Social Science Research Council Colloquium on America’s New Evangelicals Organized and Edited By Marcia Pally January 2013;  Click here  This series includes essays by Marcia Pally, John Milbank, David Gushee, Heidi Unruh, Joel Hunter, John Ashman, Bob Smietana, David R. Schwartz, John Schmalzbauer, and James Bielo

Recovering Relationality: From ‘Selfish Gene’ to ‘Hyper-Cooperative Species’

Recovering Relationality: From the ‘Selfish Gene’ to a ‘Hyper-Cooperative Species’ By Marcia Pally Religion and Ethics, 5 Apr 2016 In the summative speech of the film Margin Call, Jeremy Irons, playing the fictional head of a collapsing Lehman Brothers-type investment house, unconcernedly quips that these sorts of booms and busts have been with us since the […]