Circling the wagons or opening the circle

Circling the Wagons or Opening the Circle For Dialog By Marcia Pally, New York University, Abstract: “To approach eudaimonia or human flourishing,” Darcia Narvaez writes, “one must have a concept of human nature, a realization of what constitutes a normal baseline.” Beginning with the notion of “baseline” or ontology, this article asks: what […]

Pandemic Police Populism

Pandemic Police Populism By Marcia Pally  June 26, 2020 Blaming Covid 19 on the World Health Organization or on a lab in China and calling Black Lives Matter “radical leftist extremists” follow the American-populist playbook of responding to duress by targeting an alien “other” who have wronged “us” and whom “we’re” right to combat with […]

Our post-pandemic future: What basics should be its basis?

Our post-pandemic future: What basics should be its basis? By Marcia Pally Religion & Ethics, May 24, 2020   What is needed to effect a change in our socio-economic and environmental practices? By what principles should we proceed after the pandemic, and toward which ends?  When the telephone was first introduced into general use, there […]