America’s New Evangelicals and Their Politics

Campaign Stops STRONG OPINIONS ON THE 2012 ELECTION The New Evangelicals By MARCIA PALLY The New York Times, Dec. 9, 2011 Though public support for both major political parties is very low, one group of voters is usually exempted from this malaise: evangelicals. It’s assumed that at least these “values voters” are getting what they want. […]

The Theology of Economic Justice & Creation Care: New Evangelicals

The Theology Behind Economic Justice and Creation Care By Marcia Pally Radical Orthodoxy: Vol 1, nos. 1&2, Aug. 2012; Introduction: “The one with the most toys at the end wins.” This intentionally cavalier motto of neo-liberal economics has, in many quarters, gone the way of the buggy whip, deemed bygone and unuseful as a […]

Social Science Research Council: America’s New Evangelicals

Social Science Research Council Colloquium on America’s New Evangelicals Organized and Edited By Marcia Pally January 2013;  Click here  This series includes essays by Marcia Pally, John Milbank, David Gushee, Heidi Unruh, Joel Hunter, John Ashman, Bob Smietana, David R. Schwartz, John Schmalzbauer, and James Bielo

From European Calvinism to American Evangelicalism

From European Calvinism to American Evangelicalism By Marcia Pally Conference on Religious Ambiguities and Pluralities Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin June 22, 2007 As I understand my mandate today, it is to describe something about the evolution from European Calvinism to US-American evangelicalism. My unnovel assumption is that not only religious practice but doctrine, as […]

The New Evangelicals: Activism & Voting

The New Evangelicals: Activism & Voting By Marcia Pally Humboldt University, Berlin May 31, 2012 I’d like to begin by telling you a bit about how I came to be here today. In 2005, I was looking at evangelicals—practices, publications, sermons, websites, activism—for another project when I noticed something: no less a publication than Christianity […]

Evangelicals: David Gushee and Marcia Pally

Evangelicals: Belief and Politics Today A conversation with David Gushee and Marcia Pally November 22, 2017   Professor Marcia Pally and Christian ethicist David Gushee discuss the meaning of “evangelical” and how that identification intersects with other social, political, and religious ideologies. MP: During the early rounds of my field research for The New Evangelicals, we spoke about the range of […]

Interview: Marcia Pally on the New Evangelicals

Interview: Marcia Pally on the New Evangelicals  By Jarrod Longbons The Art of the Good Life: Contemporary Thinkers You Should Read Nov. 1, 2011  Professor Marcia Pally teaches at New YorkUniversity in Multilingual Multicultural Studies and at Fordham University’s Institute of American Language and Culture. Her new book is The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good with a foreword by the eminent theologian John […]

Why Evangelical Christians have left the Right

Why Evangelical Christians have left the Right By Marcia Pally Religion & Ethics  Friday 28 October 2011  For much of the last century, America’s evangelicals have been the whipping boy of progressives and intellectuals of all sorts. Ostensibly, they use government to impose their interpretation of Scripture on the body politic and – paradoxical to […]

America’s ”New Evangelicals”: Emissaries for the Common Good

America’s ”New Evangelicals”: Emissaries for the Common Good By Marcia Pally Published in Die Welt, Oct. 19, 2010  In public discussion today, religion is a sorry sight, linked to fundamentalism, terrorism, and benighted threats to democracy. This is just what Europe’s Enlightenment predicted in its thriller-theory of modern history: nefarious religion tries to kidnap the […]