Books by Marcia Pally

Religion Behind the Scenes: The influence of evangelicalism
on Freedom of Conscience, Pluralism and US politics
[Die hintergründige Religion: Der Einfluss des Evangelikalismus auf Gewissensfreiheit, Pluralismus und die US-amerikanische Politik]

Berlin University Press, 2008, 160 pages, ISBN 978-3-940432-30-8

by Marcia Pally

Though freedom of conscience and church-state separation are today considered children of the secular Enlightenment, these linchpins of democracy were first developed by ardent believers.Religion Behind the Scenes traces the religious argument for these classic liberal institutions, first among the devout in Europe and then in the US, especially among evangelicals, who were at the vanguard of these issues since the colonial era. The book looks at the importance of this religious tradition to America’s robust democracy, economy and pluralism.

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